Are you looking for a workout that keeps you strong and energized?

A studio that makes you feel welcomed and supported?

Are you seeking teachers and trainers who truly see YOU?

 If you answered “YES” … I have the studio for you!

I remember touring many gyms, clubs, and fitness studios, but could never find a place that made me feel like a human … I was just a membership card with a barcode and mugshot. So I decided to design the perfect studio where I could hang out with my peeps … old and new … and I could teach classes, personal train, and share my love of fitness, health, and wellness everyday.

And, that was the beginning of Mind Body Fitness … a beautiful Pilates, Yoga, Barre and TRX Core Training studio created from literally hundreds of dreams, countless conversations, and the unwavering support from my incredible circle of friends.

The Mind Body Fitness community is filled with inspiring men and women dedicated to living life as strong, purpose-driven leaders. A place where you can settle into a peaceful yoga meditation or choose an intense, sweat-inducing TRX Core Training class or engage your powerhouse in Pilates Reformer or step up to the Barre! … a place where you will find synergy within the community of Mind Body Fitness.

As you walk into the studio, experience soothing music, vibrant artwork, and the ability to exhale into the peace and knowing that a dedicated team is here to serve your highest potential, offer you guidance in creating a healthy lifestyle, and provide you with the studio you deserve.

When you choose Mind Body Fitness as your studio for Pilates, Yoga, and TRX Core Training … you choose with the knowledge that Mind Body Fitness exists because of YOU and I thank you for being the difference in my life and in the life of your community.

Register for classes today via our online class schedule and begin to experience your health and fitness journey with Mind Body Fitness. Today is the day to keep your dreams and visions before you, my friend.